Pete Seeger on The Clearwater

Via Flickr:
– South Street Seaport – Nov 1973

The New York Times app on my phone rang its familiar chime early in the morning of the 28th and I saw the news that Pete had passed… I played some of his old familiar tunes for a good part of the morning as I went about my morning routine and remembered that I had taken some shots of him back in 1973 that I had never printed.  When I processed a roll of film the first order of business was to make a contact print and then decide on what to print in the enlarger.  Those negatives and contact sheet sat in a box for 40 years until today.  The best shot of the set was scanned and posted on Flickr.  A few more from the set were shared out via Tumblr & WordPress.  Below are some shots of a day in 1973 when I was almost all of 26 and Pete was 54.

To quote one of the great poets of my generation influenced by Pete Seeger :

… Ah, but we were so much older then,we’re younger than that now ….

a few more here:


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