Homeward Bound – part 3 of a night in the LES

By the time The Defibs finished their set the promised rain had started and the gizmo in my pocket was vibrating madly with multiple flash flood warnings.  The prospect of being stuck in a train on a Sunday night was not very appealing so I said my goodbyes to the band and wished them a safe road tour out to Colorado.  Paid my tab and was once again out on the street but now only a light drizzle was coming down so I did not need to use the plastic bag in my back pocket and started walking West on Houston towards Bleeker to catch a 6 to Union Square for the N to Astoria.  I have walked this route many times and never tire of it – there is always something going on in the clubs or eateries along the way but it was too late to stop at Yonah Shimmels for a cherry cheese knish – bummer!  No worries – next time I’ll go early.  Another fun night – I have had several on the LES.  Here is what caught my eye along the way :


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