The Defibs @ Katz’s – part 2 of a night in the LES

Those of you familiar with the operation and workflow at Katz’s know that the protocol requires that you first get a ticket from one of the guys at the entrance before you can order anything and then you stand on line pretty much like a high school cafeteria.  Very simple and efficient – a tradition.  I like traditional places like Katz’s and McSorley’s.  With my first IPA 125 in hand I went to the back for a little visit with the band as they were awaiting the call to hit the stage.  What can I say about this group of  musicians other than that their music is infectious and you have to be pretty much dead if your not up and dancing with someone or in place by the end of one of their sets.  Brilliantly written original music and lyrics yet capable of covering George Jones and The Smiths and giving it a special twist.  I’ve loved listening to them and seeing them perform ever since my first encounter with them in 2008 at a River2River gig in Zuccotti Park.  They have fun on the stage.  Music event photography is not what I do – there are much better folks out there but I do like to capture moments in time that I don’t want to forget.  Stills are what do it for me but I do look forward to the video of this set.  There are three SoundCloud links below for your listening pleasure if you choose to stay and browse this set.  It was a great night and yes they did have a good number of folks up on their feet in short order by mid set ;-{) ! Before leaving I thanked Jake Dell the new and very cool young new owner that it totally worked bringing live music into a place like Katz’s and I think he may just do it – so the next time you go and see him – tell him so …. Oh yes – the IPA was amazing!!!


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