A night on The Lower East Side – Part 1

The night of June 2nd Katz’s Deli held an Anniversary party in recognition of their 125th year on The Lower East Side and a band I like very much The Defibulators were the closing act after a weekend long celebration that included pastrami sandwich eating contests and the like.  They were also featuring a new craft beer specially brewed for them by the very respectable Shmaltz brewing company.  No way I was going to miss this – one of my favorite bands on the LES at Katz’s and a new IPA.  The forecast was heavy rain, thunderstorms and flash floods but that was not about to stop me so I made sure to stuff a plastic bag in my pants and off I went.  The trains were running slow (nothing new on Sunday night) but I arrived in plenty of time only to find out that the sets were running late and The Defibs would not hit the stage until about 9:30 so I decided to take a little walk and grab some night shots around the neighborhood before they went on.  Below are the shots grabbed while on a mini walk of the immediate area around Katz’s:

(to be continued in part 2)


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