Contact Print

One of the first and I might add coolest things you learn to do in the analog photography darkroom is making contact prints.  Basically it was a simple process of placing the strips of film on the emulsion side of the paper and holding them down with a pane of glass before exposing the paper to light.  It provide a quick and economical way of seeing in a small positive what is on the negative strip.  In the digital world the need for contact sheets/prints has all but been replaced by the thumbnail browser features on the desktop software applications.  Often while waiting for my train at Union Square I would grab a shot of my fellow commuters across the tracks with a small wide angle and thought that they looked like a strip of film. Finally got around to doing something with 3 strips. For those of you who work/worked with film the title is self evident.  (click on the thumbnail for a larger view)

Captured at Union Square Station

Contact Print – Union Square Station NYC


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